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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The National Flag of Bangladesh

A national flag is the pictogram of a country’s sovereignty and its own identity of being an independent nation. The national flag of Bangladesh is our pride.The national flag of Bangladesh was adopted officially on 17 January 1972. Our heart swells up with joy when we see the flag upholds our country’s entity on the world map. Our glorious national flag was purchased at too great a price at the cost of a sea of blood. Painter Quamrul Hasan is the designer of our national flag. It is rectangular in shape. Its length and width ration are 10:6. The red circular disc with map of Bangladesh symbolises blood of thousands of Bangalees killed by the Pakistanis since 1947. It also represents the rising sun and the sacrifice of our people to achieve independence. The green backdrop stands for vitality, youthfulness and greenery. The background colour also emblematises the greenery of Bangladesh with its vitality and youthfulness. The national flag is hoisted atop the government, semi-government and self-autonomous buildings everyday. But it is kept at half-mast on any national or international mourning days. The flag is the source of spirit, hope and inspiration. The flag must be kept at its sublime position at any cost.

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