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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Paragraph: A Nearby Market / A Kitchen Market in Your Locality

A market is a place where we buy vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. It is the biggest concentration of noise every morning. It is filled with a crowd of mainly buyers. The market itself is in the center of the town. All important bazars of the town lead to this market. It has square shape. There is a spacious compound in the middle of the shops. There are shops on the four sides of the big square. There are a few pretty shops which satisfy the daily needs of the people who visit the market.It is really an experience to go round the stalls during their busy hours. Business at the market starts in the early hours of the day. Vans and Lorries bring loads of fish and meat to the vendors. Usually nonperishable things are brought overnight. But green vegetables are brought early in the morning. The smooth and efficient working of the market is really appreciable.The market scene in my town is very interesting. It is a center of attraction for both buyers and sellers. I always find a big crowd there. Fruits, vegetables, fish, fowls and meat; - all have their respective dealers. There are also the platform vendors who add to the confusion of the place. Each class of vendors also has a portion allotted to them. Nice things are being sold in this market. Buyers and sellers, haggle and haggle over prices. They push and jostle to get the best offer. In addition it is also filled with the angry voices of buyers and sellers. Now and then, a fellow will come to you with an old pen or watch; be careful before buying. It may be a stolen stuff and you may be get into trouble with the police. In the midst of all these confusions, the sellers do a brisk trade.The market is under city authorities. So health inspectors are responsible for its cleanliness. They have to see that the food stuffs that are sold are free from defects. Thus unscrupulous stall keepers and vendors are warned against selling rotten, unpalatable or poisonous food stuff. The market of my town is a very noisy place. Hawkers also go about in the market. They sell their articles by shouting their names at the top of their voice. One can meet all sorts of people there. The market of my town is not like the market of olden days. It is no dirty. It is swept clean every day. There is no mud and bad smell. In the center of the market there is a well. A though is attached to it. The animals drink water at though. There are public baths for the labors. In short, out town-market is worth a visit.

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