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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Planning for the future

Life on earth is full of activities. No man can live here without planning for the future. Success mainly depends on making plan. Student, teacher and all people should make plan for getting success in life. We can get clear idea from our text book. Mr. Ant was very industrious and Mr. Grasshopper was very lazy.Mr Ant worked hard with planning so that he could lead a happy life. That is why he didn’t face any hard days. On the other hand, Mr. Grasshopper wasted his time in singing and merriment. So he had to lead a poor life with his family. Students of class viii in Nurpur high School are like Mr. Ant. They made a garden in their school. They ploughed the land, made agricultural tools and sowed seeds and seedlings.They made a fence around the garden to protect animals, hung a scarecrow to drive away the birds and watered the garden regularly. They worked for making garden, growing flower and vegetables.They had experience how to work for the future when they will grow up. So we should have planning for the future.

The honest care taker

The man who takes care of the house or goods or property or land in owner’s absent. From the text, Suruj Ali was an honest caretaker of a large mango orchard owned by a rich man,Hamidur Rahman by name. Suruj Ali was honest, obedient, sincere and hard working. An honest caretaker like him is rare in our society. He had been working in the orchard for long three years but he didn’t know which mangoes were sweet and which were sour. Because, he didn’t eat even a mango without the permission of his master for the sake of honesty.His master ordered him to bring some sweet mangoes to entertain his friends. But he was unable to select the sweet mangoes.This made the master angry.After a few minutes, he understood the honesty of Suruj Ali and became very happy. He felt proud of Suruj Ali and gave him a gold coin as a reward.The honesty of Suruj Ali got recognition at last. 


The word ‘Fable’ comes from the Latin word ‘Fabula’ which means a story. Fable helps to teach a moral lesson.The characters in a fable are usually animals or forces of nature whose words and actions reflect on human behavior. It is a form of folk literature. Fables are stories with a message of morality which makes us wiser. Fables are also contained instructions, directions, advice, suggestion. They suggest us to follow the right path.Aesop was the best fable’s writer who lived in Greece in the sixth century BC. Aesop wrote many fables to teach people. He liked to teach people through entertainment. The Ant and the grasshopper is a famous fable of Aesop. In the story Mr. Grasshopper was very lazy. He was unwilling to work. He spent his time in singing. As a result he suffered much in the long run. On the other hand, Mr.Ant was very active and careful about his future. He enjoyed his life very much. It bears a moral lesson. The morality of the story is “ Don’t be lazy and work hard. Or We should not put off our work for tomorrow.”

A little plant

The earth is full of natural things. A little plant is one of them. Every seed is a potential plant. The life of a plant lies in the seed. It sleeps in the heart of a seed.When a seed is sowed in the soil, it sleeps deeply. It is needed to take care of it. It grows up the help of nature .The natural elements such as sun shine, sufficient rain, Air, water are essential to grow up it. Sun shine is essential for the seed. It supplies sufficient energy to creep up a plant. A seed is transferred into a plant by the help of sun shine, sufficient rain, air, water.The sun shine and rain drops call a plant to see the beautiful earth. Then, It grows gradually. It is the life of a little plant.

Industry is the key to success

Industry is the seed of success. Success depends mainly on hard work in general. No one prosper without being industrious. If we notice the life of the world famous person, we will find them as industrious. Those who become great in the world were industrious. They didn’t know what rest is. On the other hand, idleness is the mother of all evils.It destroys man’s ability and dignity. From the text, we came to know that Mr. Ant was very industrious. He worked hard in his field. During the sowing season he didn’t sit idly. He prepared his fields and sowed the seeds and seelings.He took great care of the plants. During harvesting period, he got much crops. He stored them in his granary. As he was careful about his future, he worked hard so that he could lead happy life. He became very happy with his family. Mr. Grasshopper was very lazy. He was unwilling to work. He spent his time in singing. As a result he suffered much in the long run. We can say that Industry is the key to success.

A Celebration party

A celebration party is a joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event. It is a matter of amusement and amazement. There is a proverb “ weal and woe come by turns.” After sorrow comes happiness. To express joy, people arrange celebration party. People want to observe any special day to remember an event. From our text book we came to know that Mrs. Siddiqua Murshed went home after staying in the hospital about a week. She made a plan to thank the young people and their parents who helped her. She arranged a celebration party in her house. She invited them to her house for lunch. Mrs. Murshed was very happy as everyone came to the party. She  made a speech for thanking her guests. She expressed her heartfelt thank to Anwar and Kashem who saved her life after accident. Finally she thanked all who helped her to recover from the injury so fast. People on earth pass most of the time in sadness and sorrow. They want to forget their sufferings by celebrating party.It is very important of our life.
The magician

A magician is a person who entertains people by doing magic tricks. It is a supernatural power with mysterious result. The man who is expert in this profession is called a magician. A magician shows  magic and casts spells and turns the shape of things. From the text book we came to know about a famous magician whose name was Frankel.. He was a good magician because he used his magic to make bad people good. If they improved, he would take his magic off. As a result his name and fame spread far and wide.  He lived in a small town small town in Germany. He worked there in a laboratory in his house. He never did any house work. He got them done by his spells. In this way he made his life easier and comfortable. When Frankel grew old, he appointed a boy called Hans to practise magic after his death.

The Ghost

A ghost is the spirit of a dead person, especially one believed to appear in bodily likeness to living persons or to haunt former habitats. It is normally invisible formation. From the text book We came to know that ‘The Ghost’ is an play with five scenes. It was written by Mr. Anis Ahmed. It was staged on the occasion of the Annual Cultural Week of Nurpur High School. Many actor and actresses acted in this play. The central character of the play was Keramat. He was 25 years old. He pretended himself to be a ghost. He covered himself with a long white cloth. A bamboo frame had seen fixed inside the cloth to make him tall. He used to hide himself under a banyan tree. When he saw any passerby with goods, he made horror sound to frighten the passer-by  and snatched away his goods. In this way he snatched many things from people. They thought it as a ghost. But this unwanted practice didn’t last long. Finally his identity was disclosed. Then he was punished enough for his evil deeds.
                                             Importance of reading newspaper

 Newspaper is a store house of knowledge. It is a mirror of the current world. By reading newspaper we can enrich our knowledge on various fields. It is also part and parcel of education. By reading newspaper we can learn the current information on science, education, literature , agriculture, sports and games, arts and culture. Every student and every educated person should read newspaper. So, be serious about reading newspaper.

Importance of reading Story book

Story book has a great literary value. It gives us entertainment. Every man likes to get amusement. During reading story book, every student gets inspiration on his study subconsciously. The student who reads story book early is more eager on studying than others. Parents also enhance their children’s literacy learning by inspiring them to read story book. Stories should be a part of the everyday routine. Only bookish knowledge is not perfect for practical life. So we should read others book like story book

A little learning is a dangerous things

Learning is essential in every sphere of life.No development is possible without learning.It is called power .It leads a man to the way of progress. A learned man is always respected by all.But a little  learning is always dangerous.It brings untold miseries for him and for others.A man having little learning always tries to do something what a learned man dares to do that.From the text we came to know about an apprentice who worked under the guidence of Frankel.His name was Hans.Hans with his little learning cast a magic without the permission of his teacher .This could be dangerous unless his master saved him.In another part of the text book we noticed that Anower's cousin wanted to drive a car with his little knowledge that might cause an accident. So we see that a little learning is a dangerous thing.  


Once upon a time,many years ago,there lived six young men .They were very keen to learn and  never stopped searching to knowedge.But unfortunately all of them were blind .One day they were walking through the dark Indian forest,when they heard a sound .They all stopped and listened carefully .They listened again.So very slowly and carefully they approached the sound .Suddenly a voice called out.''Good morning gentlemen.Where are you going ?'' '' Oh,nowhere;we're just looking for something, ''replied the voice .The six blind men requested the voice to teach them something new and interesting.By the by they knew that  the teacher had an elephant .They wanted to know what elephant was.They touched the different limbs of elephant .The first blind man touched  the elephant's side.It was like a wall and rough .The second blind man touched the elephant 's tusk.It was smooth ,long and like spear.The third blind man touched the elephant's trunk.It was moving and soft .It was more like  a snake.The fourth blind man touched the elephant's leg. It was thick,large and like a tree.The fifth blind man touched the elephant's ear .It was thin,large and like a fan .The  sixth blind men touched the elephant's tail.It was moving ,but not like a snake.It was swinging like a rope.The six blind men argued becuse they could not agreewith each other.The teacher laughed and said that they were all right.He further said that his elephant had no end as the sky has no end.    

Our country

Bangladesh declared independence on 26 March 1971. It became free from Pakistan on 16 December 1971 after a great lieration war. Bangladesh is a small country with a large population. It is a democratic country with many kinds of people. They follow different religions and cutoms..All these people are free and have equal rights. Some people of these basic rights are the right to food, health, shelter, and education. It is not easy for everyone to have these basic rights, because they are expensive. Banladesh is also a beautiful country with many resources. It is a fertile land and where rice, jute, sugar-can,tea and fruits grow in plenty. Bangladesh has rich deposit of oil, gas and coal. It can utilize these resources and become prosperous. These things can help Bangladesh to earn money and give basic rights to her people.s 

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